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e-Cig Mods Database

Electronic cigarette mod or modification is an improvement on the original product or a completely “home made” heavy duty e-cigarette. e-Cig mod database lists commercial e-cig battery tube mods, e-cig box mods, custom battery mods, e-cig passthrough mods and cartridge mods. Upcoming and discontinued e-cig products have also their own pages. You’ll also find a gallery of homemade hobbyist mods. If you know a mod or a additional supplier is missing from the database, please use the “Submit new” form. Confirming any unconfirmed info would also help.

How to read the e-Cig mod database?

e-Cig Mod Database listing explained

  1. Name of the e-cig mod.
  2. Which battery or battery combination does the mod use. I Strongly recommend only using PCB protected batteries as recently there have been numerous reports of mods exploding mainly due to using unprotected batteries.
  3. For which atomizer is the device threaded. If, for example a DSE-801 is mentioned, all atomizers that are compatible with 801-devices will usually work with the mod too. However, you can get cheap adapters to connect virtually any atomizer to any threading.
  4. Warranty time.
  5. Price for just the unit itself (if sold this way). If not, then the cheapest kit will be chosen.
  6. Quick link to the supplier website. This is usually a USA based supplier if available.
  7. Where the e-cig mod has been made / assembled / machined.
  8. Manufacturer of the mod.
  9. Dimensions in inches and centimeters.
  10. Weight without batteries or atomizer.
  11. Material which the mod is made out of.
  12. Does the mod have a solderless and wireless design, this usually enhances durability.
  13. Where is the switch located. Top, bottom or side.
  14. Which suppliers carry this mod.
  15. Links to external video reviews. View at your own risk! Some reviewers might use rough language and other material which you might find offensive.
  16. Average user ratings (Only available if users have revieved the mod). You’ll also find Digg, Share on Facebook and Tweet buttons below the ratings.

You can leave a review with or without ratings or just a comment without ratings at the bottom of each mod page. All reviews will be approved by a human so please try to include something usefull for other readers in your comments. Clear spam and/or advertisement will not be published.

If you only want to see mods using a specific battery type, use the e-cig mods battery chart.

After choosing your device, you might also want to visit the e-Liquid Database for a similar listing of USA, EU and Chinese-made e-liquids.