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1x 18650 3.7V
$70 (Full kit)
Build quality

Bauway 510-N is a Chinese basic, three piece desing tube mod using Joye 510 atomizers. It runs on one 18650 battery, regular or high drain. Only sold as a starter kit which includes: 1x 510N main unit, 2x 18650 batteries, 1x charger, 2x 510 atomizers, 5x cartridges.

Made in China
Manufacturer Bauway
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material N/A (Tell us)
Solderless/wireless N/A (Tell us)
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) ECigWizard Store is located inside EU, Vapor Galaxy Store is located in the USA, VIP e-cig Store is located in the USA
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

510-N e-cig mod by Bauway

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4 Reviews to 510-N

  1. Koepi

    I own one of these BW 510N – mods and the second one will arrive today or tomorrow. It is the most slim mod for 18650 batteries I’ve seen so far. This comes with one disadvantage: Not every 18650 battery fits, for example the Trustfire ‘real 2400mAh’ protected batteries are a fraction of a millimeter too thick. I currently use ‘BJ18650’s with a blue isolation and allegedly 3000mAh, those fit just fine.

    Some reviewers claim there is no ventilation. This isn’t the whole story – in the button/electronics part at the Plus contact for the battery, there is a hole of 1 mm diameter. I just tested it and it lets gas pass by. The eGo electronics of this mod limit the output current to 3.4V with one battery. I also tested 2 18350s (unprotected) and 2 16340s (protected). This delivers around 4.5-5V, my multimeter doesn’t cope well with the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) so it is hard to tell.

    With standard atomizers, this mod works very very well. I’m using the GenisisLV and the A2 with 510 connector though, and for those, I have to leave the cone away. It is possible to make the hole bigger though as the metal is very thin. With a 510-to-eGo adapter for example from Heaven Gifts it is possible to also use eGo-T atomizers and XXL cartomizers.

    I really like the BW 510N-mod. It is only a little more expensive than an eGo battery, but I can use cheap standard batteries with it. The runtime of the 18650 batteries is much longer than with 650 or 900mAh eGo batteries. Additionally, the eGo electronics have some nice features like the 10s cut off, so you won’t burn yourself when carrying this mod in your pocket.

    The button is made of plastic, which is typical for eGo electronics. It works very well though and doesn’t pose a problem.

    At least as backup PV device this one is a must-have; I even replaced my eGo batteries with it.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  2. Stephan

    Some more details…
    As Koepi told Truefire “flamed”, the true 2400mAh, won’t fit. If you try to push it into the tube the outer isolation foil at the top of the battery will be hurt, short circuit and bit smoke will appear. The protection circuit board will be damaged. In this case, just dismantle the foil, the flat wire from bottom to top (carefully!) and the electronic board at the bottom too.
    The battery will now fit very well and will work smart in that device. charging is also no problem, using a Trustfire W139.

    Some batteries won’t get out again as easy as you put it in, they are “growing” a bit by higher temperature. So i drilled a very small hole at the bottom, to push the battery out using a needle.

    I enlarged the hole at the top so that all eGo attys are working well with a 510-to-eGo adapter (Heaven Gifts, see Koepis review).
    Don’t try to drill the hole wider, the material is too thin. Using a Dremel tool or round file will do perfectly.

    Some websites tell its aluminium but the body of both of mine are made of very thin brass.
    The bottom spring in one of them wasn’t centered very well, but I was able to bend it bit to the middle and now it fits well too.

    The switch is not exactly like an eGo-T switch. The 5-click protection is missing. I really missed this feature (the original BW-510N switch can be fired too easy in your pocket), so I build in a eGo-T switch, which has same dimensions and building type.

    From my point of view it’s one of the better devices to start vaping with bigger battery or 5 Volt (see also Kopies review). It’s cheap and worth every Cent. Just try to get a kit with eGo-T adapter and fitting batteries if you don’t have yet.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  3. Shawn Porter

    Beware… I bought this from bauway under 2 months ago and out of the gate one of the batts were defective and in less than 3 weeks the mod wouldnt shut off unless you removed the battery.
    Ive tried for over a month to contact them and have yet to get a reply!!! I’ve even asked for an updated price from other agents just to get them to email me and when I ask for an address to send it back they stop all communication…..
    VERY SHADY CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! You have been warned….
    I have a device that should still be under warranty and cant get anyone from this company to respond to me what so ever!!! Now will someone contact me? My email is published for you when writing this review.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  4. Tom Lewis

    Very poor build quality. The 510 connector is just pressed in, and comes loose becoming a very poor ground connection. A simple drop of solder would have almost made this an acceptable mod.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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