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AA Box

1x 14500 3.7V
510 or 901
3 months
Build quality

Features include: Internal auto reset fuse, external safety isolating switch, easy thumb or finger stealth use, LED multi colour indicator light with freznel lense and recessed atomizer. Available in a range of case colours. Apparently only sold to the UK.

Made in UK
Manufacturer Dave’s Devices
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material N/A (Tell us)
Solderless/wireless N/A (Tell us)
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) Dave’s Devices Store is located inside EU
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

AA Box mod by Dave's Devices

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1 Review to AA Box

  1. Straybeat

    Just got this from Dave. It takes about a month to get it to the US, Dave makes them personally for you when you order it. Then mine got stuck in customs for awhile, then the bad snowstorms hit New York. So without the storms, it probably would have gotten here much quicker?

    Anyway, I own nearly every KR808 e-cig and wetbox mod and I’m getting a large collection of various 510 e-cigs and mods. This AA Box is by far the very best e-cig thing of any type I have ever owned! This thing, quite literally, made clouds of vapor right out of the package. It actually freaked me out at first that something could produce this much? It even made me cough a bunch the first 2 drags, then I settled into it. I coincidently got a shipment of 510 cartomizers at the same time, so I threw one on to try first. Great combination!

    The switch is your standard computer-type micro-switch. Seems quite durable. The electronics inside are sealed, presumably so that if you had a juice leak (I don’t see how you could the way it’s built) it wouldn’t hurt anything. It has an On/Off switch so you can save your battery when it’s not in use. And Dave spray paints the case to a color of your choosing. He also tests the unit before shipping to make sure everything is in order. And he’s quick to email you if there is any missing info on your part and to make sure he’s building exactly what you want.

    One potentially cool feature is that the box has a small jack on the side so you can use the box as a USB passthrough/charger. I personally haven’t seen the type of wire you would need, so I’m not sure if this is available yet? The box is also built very sturdy, nothing shakes or rattles inside of it. I especially like the multi-colored LED that cycles when you press the switch. It’s just cool.

    It pisses me off a little that Dave lives in the U.K. and not the states and doesn’t make a bunch of other models, just so I can say I own them! 😉 If you are patient and can wait for delivery I suggest you buy one of these, You will definitely be rewarded!

    EDIT: I want to change what I said about the box taking a month to get here, that’s not quite right. I initially ordered it on January 20th and received it on February 8th. I went back and looked at my records and figure I was anticipating it so bad that it seemed like a month? Sorry Dave.

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