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Alpha Ultralite

1x 10440 3.7V
510, 306
10 years
Build quality

The Alpha Ultralite by Apex is a 100% American product from design to assembly. Ultralite is the smallest of the three Alpha mods, suitable even for the smallest hand. The Purely mechanical switch is the most distinctive feature on this unit. The switch is actually a second tube inside the device and can be activated by sliding. Large operating surface allows many styles for holding the unit. The battery connector transforms allowing you to use both IMR high drain and protected Li-Ion 10440 batteries without adapters regardless of their specifications. Alpha Ultralite is made from a single piece of electroless nickel plated aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Accepts 510 and 306 atomizers from any manufacturer. Comes with a 3 year warranty for the switch and 10 years for main parts. Remeber to use our coupon code “esavuke” and get 20% off.

Made in USA
Manufacturer Apexvapor
Dimensions 2.78″ (70.61mm) x 0.57″ (14.5mm)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material 6061 Aircraft aluminum
Solderless/wireless Yes
Button placement Side (see description)
Supplier(s) Innovapor Store is located in the USA (20% off using coupon esavuke)
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

The Apex Alpha Ultralite e-cig mod

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1 Review to Alpha Ultralite

  1. Belchfire

    First rate innovation and design, all electro-mechanical design ensures reliability. Unit is small and compact, about the size of a cigarette lighter, slightly taller with the RES option.

    Vapes well on LR 510 using 50/50 juice, but the included batteries don’t last long under moderate vaping. Even 3.7V 600mAH batteries go quick with moderate use, the included 2 360mAH batteries in the kit have terrible longevity. If this is your main mod be sure to carry extra batteries and a charger at home or work, or upgrade to a larger Alpha using stronger batteries.

    The RES option when full allows extra vaping time in the equivalent of 5-6 individual direct drip sessions. If you are prone to overfilling this device will handle it with no issue or leaks. It does make a percolating sound when just filled or over-filled, it becomes less noticeable after some juice gets used up but will make some noise until dry. Without the RES option it works the same as any direct drip unit, both set-ups provided good vaping. Draw is easier without the RES option than with.

    The hit on performance was for poor battery life, the included 2 10440 360mAH batteries in the kit have a very short life. What you give up on mod size you lose on battery life. The 600mAH 10440 will give a fair increase in vaping time but don’t expect performance to equal mods using larger batteries.

    The pricing hit is self-explanatory. I appreciate good machining and innovative design so I can understand the costs to make this unit, but that is me. You have to decide if the cost is worth it to you.

    Final thought- if I were to choose over again I would still buy this unit over the larger versions mainly due to being able to use batteries and parts I use with other mods. If this were my first jump into mods I would opt for the larger units with better battery life. The instruction manual and how to videos are the most comprehensive I have seen. Overall this unit shows me the designer/engineer really cares about quality and performance. That said few things in the world come with those qualities at a reduced price.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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