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1x 14500 3.7V
510, 901 or 801
Build quality

Affordable e-cig “Box mod” that has an internal battery charger with a usb to mini usb connection. Also has led-lights and a separate on/off switch. Manufacturer also takes special requests, i’ve heard some 5V versions have been made for example. Base unit comes with 2 batteries included. Protected batteries do fit. Production of these units will stop after this christmas so hurry if you want one.

Made in N/A (Tell us)
Manufacturer Cybervex
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material N/A (Tell us)
Solderless/wireless No
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) eboxmods.blogspot.com Store is located in the USA
Video(s) moobyghost

Bartleby e-cig box mod

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6 Reviews to Bartleby

  1. Brandon

    Great mod! Uses my favorite battery, the 14500, which lasts a day easy. Pretty much just a Radio Shack plastic battery box, but has great features. The button is springy and solid. I expect no problems with the switch, ever. On/off switch is nice to have when it goes in the pocket or a case. The addition of the mini USB charger is one of the best features. Chargers quickly from the wall or computer, depending on the cable one uses. Can even be used like a passthrough while charging. Battery is also easily removable for charging in an external charger. BRIGHT red light when charging, green light when button is depressed. Inside is where it is really interesting. The electronics are completely sealed in some kind of epoxy, keeping them permanently isolated from any juice leakage, especially if you like to flood your atty! Can easily be concealed in the hand for stealth vaping (have even used it on a plane). Overall I’m VERY satisfied with the build quality, the performance, and the components. Price is also MORE than fair and reasonable for what you get. I would love it if the box was metal, but I’m sure it would cost tons more. Otherwise, I can think of nothing bad to say about the Bartleby. No regrets on purchase, would HIGHLY recommend to others. I bought as a backup device, but it became my primary in a matter of minutes.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  2. Diane

    The first one I bought, I had to return as the juice leaked inside the unit and wrecked the usb connection. But he fixed it asap. The only thing he didn’t fix was to solder part that made it work. So I soldered it after messing with it all the time.

    Ordered 2 more and the one with the 510 atty connection works great. It’s sealed so juice doesn’t leak inside of the unit. The 510 connection is on the top instead of inside the unit. So design was much better.

    I use this with the 510 LR atty’s and it works great! Great battery life too.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  3. Chuck

    I love this thing!! Love it. Its a shame he is going to stop making them in less than 5 days. I just ordered the 5V before he stops selling them. Listen… I have some High profile Tube Mods… The ones we all know are great… And I just picked up a Vape Mate, And let me tell you, I am using this one 90% of the time. Battery life is awsome and with the Vape Mate it RULEZ!!!
    I love it!
    Buy it if its not to late. And the maker is a Very VERY Cool Cat!

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  4. Tuck

    Love my little Bartleby. easy to charge and carry around. Works great all the time.
    Nice little box mod. I would recommend.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  5. Diane

    I really did like these things. But you have to be careful about juice leaking inside of these. And after 6 months of using the 3 of these that I bought, they all died. The switches went bad. So I won’t be buying anymore box mods. Just a waste of money.

    The performance was good for as long as it lasted. The price of the Bartleby is higher than other box mods made the same way. I only used the usb cord to charge mine 2 or 3 times, and that part broke. I had a review above, and have definitely changed my mind on box mods in general, because of this one. So I won’t be buying anymore.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  6. Misty Meow

    The guy who makes these is trustworthy and awesome. This will be my all time favourite mod once I receive it 😉 thanks!

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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