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1x 18650 3.7V
2x CR123A 6.0V
510, 901, 801
Build quality

The specialty of this mod is that it can be completely customized with graphics the buyer provides. See the manufacturers homepage for examples. Mod is completely made out of brass and copper while most mods are made out of aluminum. New units will now come with a vented tail cap.

Made in USA
Manufacturer ThagBuilt
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material Brass/Copper
Solderless/wireless N/A (Tell us)
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) ThagBuilt Store is located in the USA
Video(s) moobyghost, Hyperdeficit, DoctorVapor

Chuck e-cig mod by ThagBuilt

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3 Reviews to Chuck

  1. SailCat

    I tend to agonize over decisions, so I researched for months before choosing the Chuck as my first experience with e-cigs. Yep … while most choose the 510, I went for a big battery mod and all available adapters (510 to 891 and 901/carto).

    Without regrets now, as I reduced analog usage daily until I just stopped using them entirely within a week. The taste of burning tobacco over e-juice was a major contributor to this transformation but the strong, consistent performance of the Chuck was certainly a factor.

    As with most vapors, I’ve picked up a few additional mods, and a good thing, too, since a problem developed with the Chuck due to my propensity for dropping whatever I’m holding in my hands. Jeff was great about repairing the button and returned the PV within a week.

    While this mod deserves the loyal following it has garnered, it would be advantageous if it was equipped with an on/off switch and had a more durable, low-profile vape button. Considering the reasonable price, customer-chosen graphics, great service and terrific warranty, there are no downsides to owning a Chuck.

    I’ll probably buy another.

  2. Poeia

    The Chuck is a true workhorse. It delivers a consistent hit time after time after time. For a big mod (it takes an 18650 battery), it is surprisingly light in the hand because it is so well balanced.

    Of course, what draws many people to buy a Chuck in the first place is that they are each made by hand and are completely customizable. I believe this is unique in the vaping world. You can have a Chuck with any look you want. There are standard colors (28 of them) but you can also get custom graphics. Recent additions are Steam Punk (with various bars attached) and Chrome.

    As the previous reviewer noted, the switch is the Chuck’s weak point. A wider, flatter button would be less vulnerable but it would interfere with the graphics. As it is, many people getting full wraps agonize over button placement. A larger switch would make that even more difficult. Fortunately, Jeff provides the best warranty in the business — send it back with $5 to cover return postage and he’ll fix it. (As postal rates have gone up, it might be $6 by now.)

    And, as the owner of the first Steam Punk Chuck, I also got the first roll bar. This is a decorative band of metal near top that juts out over the switch. It works perfectly. I’ve dropped it many times, most recently several feet, hard enough to crack off a Delrin drip tip. The button was completely unaffected.

    There is a reason so many Chuckleheads own multiple Chucks. They are great.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  3. Lisa

    I bought my first Chuck almost 2 years ago and am still using it … all day – every day.
    I rated it high on every category but dinged it only one on the switch because it’s so little. Sometimes it gives your finger a little dent.
    I bought a couple of other mods a year ago but ALWAYS come back to my Chucks. They just always work and are very dependable.

    I have had my husband change out the switch on my little chuck because I dropped it (again!) and of course this time it landed on the switch. Good thing I had another chuck to fall back on while he worked on it.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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