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Information about eCigarette-Mods.com

e-Cigarette Mods Database collects information about e-cig mods and presents it in a consumer friendly manner. The Main purpose of the site is to help consumers find and compare the products they are or might be interested in.

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Mod statistics

Heres some interesting stats about the mods we have listed here. We right now have more than 160 different mods or variations listed or upcoming. Almost a half  (~45%) of them are battery tube mods. The $51-70 price range category is the most crowded one but pretty much everything from $15 to $300 is covered. Majority of the mods are tube shaped, then box and finally custom ones. The average mod is made in the USA, it has a Joye510 atomizer connection, a side mounted button and it runs on 3.7 Volts. In fact, over 60% of the mods come with a 510 connection. Five most used batteries are 14500, CR123A, 16340, 18650 and 10440.