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Jazz Cartopipe

1x 18350 3.7V
1x CR123A 3.7V
510 or 808D-1
Build quality

Jazz is an electronic pipe. The Jazz body is made out of wood and it houses one 3.7V 18350 or CR123A battery. You can use either a 510 or a 808D cartomizer (regular or xl) with it. You can choose a light or dark finish on the wood.

Made in USA
Manufacturer G.A. TECH
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material Wood
Solderless/wireless N/A (Tell us)
Button placement Top
Supplier(s) Jazz Cartopipe Store is located in the USA
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

Jazz cartomizer e-Pipe

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3 Reviews to Jazz Cartopipe

  1. Alon D

    Amazing pipe and an awesome manufacture.
    The finish on the pipe is just beautiful, easy to use with reg or mega cartomizer ( 510 is what I use ). Works flawlessly and zero problems. Seem like the Throat hit is a little stronger then any other 3.7V I own and actually hit as nice as my high voltage mods as the silver bullet and Provari.

    Great customer service, answered all my questions and went out of their way to make sure I was happy, you don’t find that kind of a service these days.

    I bout two pipes, one for myself and one for my dad and I just can’t say enough good things about it.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  2. Mohamed Azam Zaki

    Best performance using the tank., lots of vapor and good TH.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  3. VeryBad

    I don’t mind telling you the pipes may be as lovely as mine was at first glance. My pipe arrived with a slightly visible crack at the end of the stem. Being a long term pipe smoker, I didn’t believe it would ever be a problem. I went ahead and called just to let him know and see if he had suggestions for a quick fix. On the phone, he immediately accused me of dropping it. The crack spread so badly that the pipe wouldn’t stay together, and pressure was required to mate the pieces; pressure by teeth and fingers accompanied by a little wiggle for position. The wood at the batteries swing-arm has recently broken as well. No choices remained. It now sits one foot from my right hand covered in superglue and a clamp as I search for a replacement. I don’t foresee myself getting another one of these pipes.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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