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Mako Midi V2

1x 14500 3.7V
2x CR2 6V
510, 901 or 801
1 year
Build quality

The Mako is one of the first PV’s to be solely designed, engineered, produced and assembled in the UK. Mako Midi is the dual voltage all-rounder. Add-on sleeve can be bought separately to make it a Minno/Maksi. Features include a lockable switch and a adjustable atomizer connection. 2x CR2 batteries can be used for a 6V vape. The New version 2 also has an adjustable switch throw.

Made in UK
Manufacturer N/A (Tell us)
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material N/A (Tell us)
Solderless/wireless Yes
Button placement Bottom
Supplier(s) Moju Republic Store is located inside EU, ElectroNicStix Store is located in the USA
Video(s) smokejuice, svendsen82

Mako Midi V2 e-cig mod

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1 Review to Mako Midi V2

  1. ceo51378

    This unit is designed to use Protected 14500’s as well as 2x CR2’s (for 6V vaping). If you are like me an want to use unprotected cells, you will need to purchase battery spacers. I picked mine up at lighthound for pretty cheap. I picked up a few (4) 1.6mm spacers as well as a couple 1/4″ ones to that pretty much cover any size differences with the li-ions out there. The Mako also comes with two (2) O-rings to address the size difference between a using 14500 and 2 CR2’s.

    The adapters: The Mako comes with an 801 atomizer, however, I purchased a 510 adapter since this is ‘currently’ my atty of choice. With the 801 and 901 adapters, you have a much wider range of adjustments (than the 510) because they thread into the cap from the bottom. Because of this, you could un-thread the adapter a few turns to make up the difference with a shorter battery. The 510 adapters thread into the cap from the top so there is really no adjustment room to play with. The positive connector on all adapters are free floating and allow 1.5mm or so of travel. This aids in the Mako’s flexibility, however, being that it is not a sealed design, it is prone to leaking if you flood your atomizer. Also, if you fully tighten a 510 atty on this device, you will not be able to draw from it as the adapter seals off the air holes. In my tests, both the 801 and 510 adapters threaded flawlessly. I cannot speak for the 901/KR-808 as I have not yet purchased the adapter.

    The Switch: The switch is… awesome. This is by far the best feature on the Mako. It fires every time; provided you have your Mako adjusted properly for the batteries you are using. A simple 180 degree twist of the switch locks the unit and prevents misfires while not in use. There is also a small ball bearing mechanism in the switch assembly that prevents it from twisting freely and also gives you feedback (both through touch and sound) when you are locking and unlocking it. There is also a venting hole in the base of the switch for those of you who are worried about their PV turning into a pipe bomb.

    Overall Appearance: 6v will always perform like 6v. The same goes to 3.7v devices. The performance margin is almost always associated with the battery you put into it. Lets face it, most of us buy our PV’s based off of the look and the Mako does not disappoint. The cap and switch are brass shiny brass, which of course tarnishes rather quickly. Just hit it up with a little Brasso from time to time and you’re good to go. The body is a bead blasted aluminum and my unit did come with a couple scuffs. They were not very noticeable and I wasn’t too worried about it being that I keep it in my pocket with my keys when I’m out and about. The threading is top notch – no complaints there.

    What I don’t like: While the outside of the device is very polished, a few aspects of the inside are very… shall we say… DIY/Hardware store’ish. While the cap and adapters are nicely machined, the center post in them is comprised of a Machine screw, a plastic bushing, and a plastic washer; all of which can be purchased at ACE hardware for about $1.00. Yes it works well, but for a $100 device, I would expect at least a machined pin in place of the screw with tighter tolerances to reduce the chance of juice leaking into the batteries. The same goes for the switch. The actual switch itself is machined nicely, but the ‘clicky-pen’ spring and plastic spacer (in the spring) are a little sloppy IMO. My last gripe is – In order to switch from a 14500 to 2 x CR2’s, you will need to add/remove O-rings. I setup my device with one O-ring for the CR2’s and have magnets on my 14500’s. For me, it is easier than trying to remove the O-ring. It would be nice to see the caps designed for the O-ring to fit on in front of the threads to you could simply unscrew the cap a little to adjust the space for the batteries being used; the O-ring could then be used as a gasket to prevent the cap from moving on its own (instead of as a spacer).

    Even with the negatives listed, I still think that this is a great device and actually like the idea that I can replace certain parts in it rather easily. I was in the market for a smaller 3.7 and 6v device that wouldn’t break the bank and the Mako fit the bill nicely. It is a very expandable device as it offers the Minno (1xRCR123a) and Maksi (14650, and an upcoming 5v battery) sleeves at only $20 a piece. Another plus to the unit is that Mako specific atty adapters are reasonably priced at about $12 a piece. At the time of posting this review, Electronicstix has added batteries, battery spacer magnets, and replacement O-rings to the site which will make it a one-stop-shop for everything you will need for this device. If you are new to e-cig mods, I would not suggest this as being your first device. The fact that it is highly customizable and requires a good bit of initial tinkering gives it a steeper learning curve when compared to some of the other devices out there.

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