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Precious – L

1x 18650 3.7V
12 months
Build quality

Precious L is claimed to be the smallest mod using 18650 battery yet. Activated by a pocket-safe, touch activated sensor. Also claims to feature variable power based on touch surface but i don’t know how this actually works. Under voltage protection and venting holes at the bottom. Made out of high quality nickel plated brass. Protected batteries do fit.

Made in Romania
Manufacturer N/A (Tell us)
Dimensions N/A (Tell us)
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material Brass
Solderless/wireless Yes
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) Precious Store is located inside EU
Video(s) angelos714

Precious L e-cig mod

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2 Reviews to Precious – L

  1. KEITH97M3

    As a damn proud owner of (order #0028) the 28th Precious series unit made, the Precious-L 18650 battery touch sensor mod, all I can say is that once you have one, you will sell off, give away or dump all the other e-cig models you have accumulated in the past.

    I received mine on May 17th 2010 and since then have used only this exclusively and have yet to experience any problems. Take in mind I do vape between 4-5mls per day and have really put this unit to the test, yet there has not been a single misfire with the touch sensor. When you put your finger on the sensor, it will fire every single time without fail.

    Just don’t try washing dishes and vaping with it, wet soapy hands will of course cause the sensor to keep firing because there is no touch sensor in the world that I know of that can differentiate between your finger and liquid. Expecting a touch sensor to be able to do that is just outright ridiculous, this isn’t futuristic alien-ware just so people understand. Unscrewing the atomizer or cartomizer just a quarter turn and wiping the sensor dry will resolve this in 2 seconds. This is not a senor flaw, this is user error.

    Batteries last over 2 days with no decline in performance and I once used the same AW 2400mah battery for 4 days just to see how long it could go and did so with no problems. Since the sensor has almost zero resistance, all the battery’s power goes straight to the atomizer or cartomizer and has no moving parts to wear out. I imagine this unit will outlast the user and then some.

    The finish is unique, very high quality nickel plating with a anti slip finish unlike anything I have seen before. I have dropped mine on concrete accidentally from heights ranging from 3 feet to over 30 feet as I am a painter and often work outdoors on ladders and scaffolding. The only real damage it has sustained was to the cartomizers and a little on the finish. I just replaced the carto, wiped the concrete that was embedded off and found that although I could see tiny scratches, the nickel plating was thick enough to leave my Precious-L finish virtually unscathed.

    What more can I say about this unique product except that it was made by a innovative guy named Caesar out of Romania who like us, was sick and tired of short lasting inferior products. Until people actually try one, they will continue to deny themselves the pleasure that they could be experiencing, life is too short for accepting mediocrity and I for one am glad I took that leap of faith.

    I will be writing a more in depth review on the Precious-L in the future, right now I am just enjoying mine and hope others get to experience what I have. You can find me and others who own the Precious along with reviews and videos on http://www.nu-vapor.com

    Aloha, Keith

  2. David

    This mod is a joke. I mean it could be a very good one, but the maker of it is totally unreliable.
    At the beginning he manufactured a couple of pieces, but then he stopped and he never continued the work.
    He’s been accepting pre-orders for half a year now and nobody ever received his/her order since LAST SUMMER!
    Always promises and promises, without any result.
    This guy actually made 5 devices within six months and he hasn’t even shipped them yet. (so maybe they aren’t ready at all. Maybe it’s just big lie. Nobody every confirmed that they received those 5 devices. So probable this guy hasn’t done anything in the last six months)
    There are about 300-400 people waiting for their device and nobody gets anything.
    Don’t waste your time on this!!!

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