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Saber Touch VariVolt

2x 16340 VV
5 years
Build quality

Saber Touch VariVolt has the same look and safety features as the original Saber Touch but with variable voltage feature. Voltage can be adjusted from “low” to 6.5V. The Unit comes with a voltage meter cable (510 connector) and screwdriver keychain for adjusting the voltage. Also the touch sensor button is improved according to the manufacturer. The look of the device can be highly customized. You can choose: endcap threads showing / hidden, endcap color and endcap style. You can also provide your own powdercoating material for the manufacturer and get exactly the look you want or choose from the many in stock finishes. You can add a clear top coating or glow-in-the-dark top coating if the powdercoat chosen needs it. Ofcourse, you need to pay extra for some of the options.

Made in USA (Maryland)
Manufacturer Vapor Moon
Dimensions 4 5/8″ x 1″
Weight N/A (Tell us)
Material 6061 Aircraft aluminum
Solderless/wireless N/A (Tell us)
Button placement Side (Touch plate)
Supplier(s) Vapor Moon Store is located in the USA
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

Saber Touch VariVolt e-cig mod

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3 Reviews to Saber Touch VariVolt

  1. Jerry

    I can’t put this mod down. You could drive a car over it and it will never break down! And the touch button is so easy, and a lot of fun.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  2. DietSalem

    I bought this mod on Christmas Eve of 2011 and never looked back. I’ve since then owned nearly every mod you can name and NONE OF THEM compare to the Saber. It’s hands down the best mod that I’ve ever held. I’ve even sold a provari to buy another one. I wanted to rate it something other than all five stars, but I can’t think of a single one that deserves less than five stars!

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage
  3. HJK_V01

    I have been constantly vaping Saber Touch VV for over a year now, and is is top quality, highly customizeable, over-the-top durable mod that I just can’t put down.

    The safety and comfort of the touch-switch is second to none.

    The only con to this mod is:

    -The 510 connection and caps (due to threading) are SLIGHTLY out of alignment, which makes your tank/carto look a bit crooked.

    On a side note about maintenance:

    Switching out batteries about once a day and thus screwing and unscrewing the cap wears out the threading slightly. The dust gets in the way sometimes, and needs to be wiped to properly close the circuit, same goes for the spring.

    If you have brass finish on your mod, that will tarnish with time, and to keep it shiny, you will need to treat the brass with some surface cleaner such as Noxon – if you want to, I honestly don’t.

    BTW Sir Lawrence, who manufactures the Saber Touch is an awesome guy. If you decide to purchase this one, you will receive a hand-made and as authentic as the mods go – an instant classic/vintage if you will 😉 Plus, nobody can beat a 5 – year warranty.

    AppearanceBuild qualityFeaturesSwitchPerformanceUsabilityPricingAverage

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