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1x 18490 VV
1x 18500 VV
1x 18650 VV
1 Year
Build quality

ProVari Variable Voltage mod is the second e-cig device from ProVape. The first mod to feature a single battery buck/boost circuit offering a variable voltage range of 3.3 – 6 volts. You can change the voltage with just a few button presses, no screwdriver needed. Voltage stays the same regardless of the battery power left (regulated voltage). This model will work with a single 18490 battery (AW 1100mah high drain recommended). You can also use a regular 18500 battery but with a limited voltage rangeĀ  or a 18650 battery with an extension cap. Single battery designs are much safer than stacked batteries and will out perform stacked battery devices. ProVari features: Microprocessor controlled variable voltage from 3.3V to 6V (.1 volt increments), built-in display and translucent light-up pushbutton with low battery indicator, 16 seconds safety cut-off, venting system, short circuit and reverse battery protection, thermal monitoring system, amperage limiting, battery monitor and over-discharge protection. Now available with polished chrome or texture black finish and special collector’s edition end caps. Latest limited edition finish is the beautiful 24 carat gold one (see below).

Update: ProVari Version 2 (V2) now has a voltage range from 2.9V to 6V. More importantly the amperage limit has been updated from 2.5 amps to 3.5 amps. This means that you can now use dual coil and low resistance atomizers without the protection circuitry shutting the unit down at higher voltages.

Made in USA
Manufacturer Provape
Dimensions 4.1″ x 0.90″
Weight 3.5 ounces
Material Stainless steel
Solderless/wireless No
Button placement Side
Supplier(s) Provape Store is located in the USA
Video(s) N/A (Tell us)

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